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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Anna Hanvey

Welcome to Wimbledon Class one of the Secondary classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Welcome to Wimbledon class.


We are a class of nine young people in the Upper Secondary department who enjoy role modelling our academy's values to the younger members of our school.

We access an exciting, varied curriculum that includes our KS4 Options programme and of course Dance Live!

Please be sure to visit us when you are in school as we love to share our progress, introduce ourselves and tell great jokes!

Topic Introduction

Wimbledon class have blasted into their new topic 'STEAMing Through All Things' with a bang!

Pupils became scientists for the day and joined in with a range of experiments including designing their own magic potions, activating smelly stink bombs, and experimenting with man-made gases! Luckily, the playground was empty at the time as the smells we made were simply atrocious!

Well-done Wimbledon class, I can't wait to see what else we create and engineer this term!


December 2021

Wimbledon Class have had a fabulous return to school this term - it has been so great welcoming our pupils back and we have embraced our learning opportunities whole heartedly.

Our topic has been based on STEAM where we have had fun exploring the creativity within us becoming artists, inventors, and scientists. We have researched famous STEAM figures to learn about their individual contributions to society and have made creations of our own.

We junk modelled Galilean themed telescopes, used balloon art to create Kandinsky inspired artwork and came up with our own ideas to make inventions inspired by us.

To top off the autumn term we were also gifted tickets to see 'Jack and the Beanstalk' at 'The King's Theatre'.

The pantomime was amazing and we showcased our best singing and dancing - oh yes we did!

What a fabulous autumn term - well done Wimbledon Class.

January 2022

Wimbledon class have had a fabulous return to the Spring Term and have been very excited to discover that our new topic is ‘Myths and Legends’. We are looking forward to learning about the ancient Greek myth of ‘The Odyssey’, and had fun during our ‘Stunning Start’ where we began to hear of Odysseus’ eventful journey home from Troy!

We were particularly interested in the mythical creatures that Odysseus encountered, including the alluring ‘Sirens’, the powerful whirlpool of ‘Charybdis’ and the giant ‘Cyclops’! During our topic introduction we also learnt about ‘The Trojan Horse’, and found it fascinating that Odysseus hid so many men inside a wooden horse without being discovered!

We enjoyed sequencing the events of the tale together, and some of us even designed our own comic strips. This term we have also started to rehearse more regularly for our upcoming performance in ‘Dance Live!’, we cannot wait for everyone to see the end results as we are so proud of ourselves and all we have achieved. What a fantastic start to the new year! Well done Wimbledon class.