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Mary Rose Academy

Why Water Sports?

For us at Mary Rose we find that it offers an activity that’s a bit different from the usual sports and benefits every single one of our pupils (and staff) in a range of different ways.

We believe that water sports enable pupils to:

  • Take part in an exciting activity that is different from the norm
  • Develop physical fitness
  • Gain confidence by pushing their boundaries
  • Work both independently and as a group
  • Build self-confidence and overcome any fear of water they may have
  • Build concentration and readiness for learning
  • Meet and interact with new people
  • Learn more about the world around them eg lakeside, rivers, the sea
  • Learn a new activity that they can turn into a lifelong hobby and participate in regularly

Types of water sports:

We participate in canoeing, keel boat sailing, power boating, paddle boarding through the taught curriculum, out of hours learning and residential visits.  We have strong links with British Canoeing, Wet Wheels and UKSA on the Isle of Wight who help provide our pupils with a huge range of invaluable experiences on the water.