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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Amy Holloway

Welcome to Voyager Class one of the Post-16 classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021


Here in Voyager class, we enjoy solving problems as a team and helping each other out.

We love to listen to music and enjoy the odd game of UNO.

We like to spend time in the gym and learning about how to make healthy choices including learning to cook different things.

We don’t like seeing anyone upset so we always look out for one another and the other Post-16 students here at the Craneswater site.

 December 2021

Voyagers have had a terrific term getting to know each other. Together we have been learning about looking after our environment through learning about recycling and taking part in beach cleans to support our community. 

We really enjoy cooking together and finding healthy alternatives to some of our naughty favourites! 

We like being out and about in the community because there is lots to learn that will help us to become more independent. 

One of our most favourite things to do is to play a game of UNO all together. We don't mind about not winning, it's just so fun to play. 

Since September, we have enjoyed some great days out including going to the cinema and donutting! 

We have formed a great team in Voyagers and are looking forward to more exciting learning in 2022!

 January 2022

Happy New Year!

In Voyager class, we love to perform including the staff! So, we are looking forward to the upcoming performance of our Dance Live piece at Portsmouth Guildhall. Many of us will be dancing on stage while others have been working on the props for the performance. 

We are continuing our work on environmental awareness and will be taking part in more beach cleans and learning what we can do to look after our planet.

To further develop our independence, many of us are working on our skills with money and hope to be able to practise our new knowledge on outings in the local community.

We are also learning about to look after ourselves and plan to try lots of new healthy foods, use the gym and practise yoga!