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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Jo Kerrigan

Welcome to Trailblazers Class one of the Post-16 classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Autumn 2021

Trailblazers is a year 14 class; all students will be leaving at the end of the academic year for new adventures.

In this final year students will be preparing for life beyond Mary Rose, it is a year to further explore hopes, dreams and aspirations that will prepare and support them in their journey. 

Students will have the opportunity to visit and partake in activities in different colleges, work-based programmes, adult services, and work experience in the wider community. Students will plan and undertake a personalised transition whilst continuing to develop everyday life skills.

There will be lots of other exciting activities along the way, school events, sporting activities, trips, and let’s not forget celebrating our life at Mary Rose with the biggest party of all the ‘Celebration Prom’.