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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Jo Kerrigan

Welcome to Trailblazers class.  We are a group of 8 students within Post-16.

Our class enjoys playing games, using the computer, listening to music and chatting, this helps us to communicate and socialise with our friends.

Our Tutor Group goals, hopes and dreams this year are:

  • 1) To identify and learn different everyday skills, this may include cooking, personal safety skills, road safety and travel training skills.
  • 2) To participate in the Dance Live show.
  • 3) To explore opportunities and prepare for our transition for life after Mary Rose.
  • 4) To practice the skills, we need to self-advocate for ourselves.

We are most looking forward to visiting colleges, day services and work-based services to see where we would like to go when we leave Mary Rose.

Our Tutor Group loves listening to different types of music and exploring our community.

Thank you for visiting our area of the website!