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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Jo Kerrigan

Welcome to Trailblazers Class one of the Post-16 classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Trailblazers is a year 14 class; all students will be leaving at the end of the academic year for new adventures.

In this final year students will be preparing for life beyond Mary Rose, it is a year to further explore hopes, dreams and aspirations that will prepare and support them in their journey. 

Students will have the opportunity to visit and partake in activities in different colleges, work-based programmes, adult services, and work experience in the wider community. Students will plan and undertake a personalised transition whilst continuing to develop everyday life skills.

There will be lots of other exciting activities along the way, school events, sporting activities, trips, and let’s not forget celebrating our life at Mary Rose with the biggest party of all the ‘Celebration Prom’.

December 2021

Trailblazer Class has had a busy first term, in what is their final year at Mary Rose Academy.

They are piloting a new Self-Advocacy group, this is a great opportunity for pupils to gain a greater understanding about what self-advocacy is all about as they move into adulthood and recognise the impact this has on their daily lives.

Trailblazers have chosen to explore opportunities beyond Mary Rose as their first project, this will support them in their transition and those leaving in the future.

During this term, visits have been made to Portsmouth College, Southdown’s College and Highbury College. The college visits have enabled pupils to have a look at the college facilities, see what the college has to offer in terms of courses/programmes and to meet some staff and students.

Other transition visits undertaken this term has been Go Create Service, Lily and lime and Southsea Greenhouse.   These visits have been a great opportunity to see work-based services in action. In the new year Trailblazer class will continue finding out about the other opportunities.

The information collated on these visits will form part of the display board that Trailblazers are putting together, this will be available to share in the Spring term.

Our visit to Highbury college, we saw the reptiles looked after on the Animal Care course. 

We found out about college life at Southdown’s College.

We had a tour of Portsmouth College and joined in some activities with new staff.

January 2022

Students will continue to further explore the opportunities available to them when they leave Mary Rose. Students have requested to re-visit some of the colleges, before deciding where they would like to go and as part of their transition process. Several visits have taken place to have a look at different work-based opportunities that may be available on the days they do not attend college. There are many available options, and we are hoping to visit them all.

Students will be attending the Careers event that is being held at Fratton Park Football Stadium on the Thursday 17th March. This is an event for students, parents, and carers to find out about the array of opportunities that are available upon leaving Mary Rose and in adulthood.

The focus now is Dance Live. There is a real buzz in the air, students are very excited about learning the new dance routines and producing the props for the performance that will be held at the Guildhall on the Thursday 10th February.

Whilst the schedule remains busy, students are continuing with their personalised targets that they have chosen. Students are building on existing skills and there are some new skills being developed. The photos show the different skills being learnt.

After half term we will be pushing forward with the arrangements for the end of year “Celebration Prom”, students are already thinking about the event, what they want to wear, who is going to be there, the music and the themes. The event will be upon us before we know it!