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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Charlene Blyth

Welcome to Seahorse Class one of the Primary classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Welcome to Seahorse Class of 2022.

We have had a great start to the new term!!! We have welcomed two pupils to our class so we have been getting to know them and make them feel welcome. The pupils have decorated a Seahorse to go up on our birthday display which is looking very colourful.

We have had lots of 1:1 opportunities such as Handy Pac, Physibods, and we made some play dough ready for our dough disco's.

This term our topic is Roald Dahl which we are very excited for our Stunning start next week to introduce the key texts that we will be exploring. We have chosen The BFG, James and the giant peach, Georges Marvellous medicine, Charlie and the chocolate factory and the 12 days of Christmas.

December 2021

We are so proud of all of the pupil is Seahorse Class. 

The pupils have worked incredibly hard and we are amazed by the progress they have made so far! This term we have had so much fun getting to know each other better, whilst exploring a range of Roald Dahl books. We have been busy experiencing a range of activities linked to the BFG, James and the giant peach, Charlie and the chocolate factory and 12 days of Christmas.  

The pupils have responded and communicated their preference to a range of songs, stories and rhymes through topic related TAC PACS, Sensology and story massage.  

Our favourite new activity to support our individual physio programmes and increase our body awareness is Physibods. Over the term the pupils have been able to develop their levels of response and communicate preferences.  

We have been incredibly lucky to receive our very own brand-new eye gaze! Due to this great piece of technology we have uncovered some budding artists who can use their eyes to select which colour ink they want to use and make marks! We have recently used the eye gaze to create some unique Christmas cards for our SAT competition so we are hoping we may win a prize! 

January 2022

We have had a fantastic start to 2022! Our new topic is ‘I am passionately curious’ and we are looking forward to investigating the world around us in depth.

We plan to explore a range of journeys that require a range of transport methods and travel to new destinations. When we arrive, we will embrace the culture and become ‘one of the locals’.

We have designed our passports and our first adventure has begun and we are going on board a rocket and flying to the moon. We are looking forward to designing our own clothing and trying some space food.

We have had expecting a special visitor to join us on our travels. Our special visitor has arrived in our class room in the form of an alien and bought us a space station with lots of hidden surprises for us to enjoy.

We're looking forward to our next adventure, who knows where we'll end up next?!