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Mary Rose Academy

Pupil Voice


This year we are pleased to announce the introduction of Squeak!

Squeak has been created to support our already fantastic school council Shout!

Squeak will provide the opportunity for our younger learners at Mary Rose Academy to share their thoughts and ideas about their time in school.

Squeak representatives will have the opportunity to meet and greet important visitors; taking part in fun activities and sharing the wonderful things that happen at our school.

We loved meeting Sharon and Ashley earlier this year where we were able to introduce ourselves.

Squeak will meet regularly with each other to think of ideas to improve Primary, think of special events and share any other thoughts we have.

We are very excited to hear our Primary pupil voices and see what wonderful things we can implement this year! 


SHOUT is our school council. It is a council of democratically elected class representatives from across Secondary and the Lantern.

SHOUT is important for us because it gives pupils a chance to share their views and ideas. It also gives us the opportunity to develop life skills and independence as well as building relationships within our school community.

At the beginning of each academic year, we hold class elections. Pupils, who wanted to run for the class representative, had an opportunity to share reasons why they would be great for the job and then each class member voted for the pupil they thought would represent their views well. 

Post-16 Self Advocacy Group

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