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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Sarah Cooper & Kirsty Spencer

Welcome to Penguin class.  We are a group of 8 pupils within lower primary.  

Our class enjoys messy play and craft activities, we also really benefit from and enjoy wellbeing sessions linked to our physical development such as yoga and massage. We are working hard to develop our attention, engagement and communication skills through a range of fun sessions such as bucket, sensology and tac-pac.

Our class goals  for this school year are:

1) Take part in some exciting out of school activities

2) To develop our independence and communication skills through shared play within our class and lower primary

3) Most importantly – to have fun and be happy through our learning!

We are most excited for whole school events like festivals, sports day and our sponsored walk!

Our Class / Tutor Group theme song is ‘You bring colour to my life!’

Thank you for visiting our area of the website!