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PE & Sport

PE and Sport at Mary Rose Academy: Be Inspired!

Mary Rose Academy prides itself on its passion and high quality PE and Sport as a Specialist Sports College and is also a Platinum Award partner with the Youth Sport Trust. This recognition highlights our work in supporting other academies across Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight with inclusive Physical Education and Sport. This award also recognises Mary Rose Academy for our expertise in engaging young disabled people and local academies to improve the quality, and extend the provision, of physical activity for disabled pupils in inclusive events and activities.

Our number one aim is to further increase opportunities and access for young disabled pupils to take part in the highest quality competitive sport.

This is a wonderful achievement and we are very proud to have the opportunity to further develop and enrich the lives of all our pupils and the community through sport.

This also demonstrates our commitment to raising achievement in PE and Sports and creating opportunities for all pupils to succeed. 

Health and Wellbeing through PE and Sport are at the very heart of our vision at Mary Rose Academy.  We recognise that PE and Sport can help build on the natural enthusiasm of our pupils, expressing and testing themselves though movement in a variety of situations.  Equally we use PE and Sport as a vehicle through which we motivate pupils to learn and achieve across the whole curriculum.

Our Vision

Through PE and Sport we support our pupils to develop co-ordination, strength, stamina and skillfulness and to promote spatial awareness, intelligent reactions to situations and appreciation of physical excellence.

We believe that PE and Sport should lead to a sense of well-being, a greater understanding of health and fitness, a healthy lifestyle and a feeling of self-confidence and self – esteem.

PE and Sport is a dynamic and continuously developing area in our academy, and we enjoy success in high participation rates, extra-curricular activities and the positive attitudes of our pupils. The high expectations we hold for all our pupils is evident in their approach to learning, their commitment and enthusiasm for active learning.

At the heart of our ethos is the desire to inspire and enthuse our students, allowing all to achieve to the best of their ability. In order to strive towards this, time is spent planning a stimulating and engaging curriculum which is carefully planned to be accessible to all pupils in our academy.

Olympic and Paralympic Inspiration

Every year we dedicate a whole school days to a theme linked to the Summer and Winter Olympics.  For example prior to Rio 2016 we spent 4 years clocking up the miles to travel from The London 2012 Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro. We experienced a range of activities linked to Sports and the Arts.  So next stop Tokyo Summer 2020 and for the Winter Games Beijing 2022!

Sporting Festivals

We regularly run sports festivals for a pupils with a range of disabilities across the full age range (4-19yrs)  These offer the opportunity to compete against pupils from other schools locally and regionally, to make new friends and experience new things.  They are very popular and an important part of our curriculum.

Sports Day

This is a whole school annual event held on St James’s Hospital cricket field just down the road from our school.  The whole school travels to the venue where they experience a range of activities that encourage both participation and competition in a safe and secure environment. The activities are differentiated to meet need, ability, age and stage.  Pupils compete in their teams either Team Earth, Fire, Ocean or Sun.  It’s a great day and well supported by families and the community.  Sports Leaders also support us, joining us from a range of local mainstream and special schools and we also use it as a transition opportunity for new pupils joining us in the following September.


All pupils from nursery to sixth form have access to our very own swimming pool and indeed the swimming lesson is often the highlight of the week for many. Pupils have five swimming targets to achieve and are supported by specialist staff in their lessons to develop their skills and have fun! The swimming lesson is divided into work and self-exploration / confidence building time. There is plenty of opportunity for fun and games whilst learning basic swimming techniques.


The Benefits of Swimming 

Swimming is a vital part of the curriculum because of the many physical and mental health benefits it provides. It can help to develop confidence in those with low self- esteem because it concentrates on highlighting their abilities rather than any limitations; this in turn may have a positive effect on other areas of their learning.

  • The increased resistance provided by the water; builds muscle tone.
  • Buoyancy helps reduce body weight .
  • Swimming aids development of motor skills and physical fitness
  • Swimming provides opportunities for social interaction with peers and staff
  • Being in water enables freedom of movement which pupils may not get on dry land.
  • Many pupils enjoy a unique feeling of independence in the water.