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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Louise Kay & Chelsea Wraxall

Welcome to Octopus Class one of the Primary classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

We are Octopus Class, we are a mix of primary aged boys and girls.

We love music, singing and dancing and having lots of fun all together.

We enjoy learning through sensory activities, like messy play- the messier the better!

This year we look forward to lots opportunities to learn and try new things.

December 2021

This term octopus class have read and shared different Roald Dahl texts through our topic ‘never a Dahl moment’.

Pupils created dreams and dream catchers from The BFG and thought about things that they may find scary.

We had great fun making different insect sounds as a group and thinking about and copying their different movements like in James and the Giant peach.

We found it especially funny rolling giant peaches into water and seeing who could make the biggest splash! Charlie and the chocolate factory was a treat for our senses as we explored all things sweet!

We worked together using our hands and making choices to create different chocolates.

We have had lots of fun together sharing stories, each making our own choices to include in our work and getting very very messy!

January 2022

Octopus class have settled back into the school routine well after their Christmas break.  They are all very excited about the new topic, ‘I am Passionately Curious’. 

During the topic they will have the opportunity to develop their curious nature by exploring different modes of transport and the journey they can make in them. 

This is the adventure they plan to go on…

We went on an adventure, my key stage and I,

We got on a plane and flew through the sky

We got off the plane and conducted the bus,

Then called for a taxi who was waiting for us,

We hopped in the taxi and drove to the shore,

Then rode on a boat for half an hour or more

We got off the boat when the trip had been done,

Then put on our trainers and went for a run,

We ran to the field to see what was there,

A great big balloon went up into the air,

Once we were up there we looked all around,

And guess what we saw sat on the ground

A great big space rocket preparing to zoom,

And off we went to visit the moon!

As part of the topic launch Octopus class have made flying saucers and astronaut helmets for when they travel to the moon!  They have been working on their switch skills by having competitions with the switches to see who can launch the most rockets.  They have also been exploring transport closer to home by making tracks with different vehicles in the poem and finding the correct symbols to make the sentences in a book. 

Anyway… we can’t stop and chat we’ve got an adventure to go on, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  blast off!