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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Kate Whitney

Welcome to Nova Class one of our specialised classes based at The Lantern. 

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Nova is a Post-16 class whose main priorities are to learn with each other, have fun and continually challenge themselves to achieve phenomenal triumphs that will prepare them for beyond school into adulthood.  

Having their own space is very important to our young men who fully embrace the Lantern’s various rooms and facilities that promote meaningful independent living skills, including keeping fit and engaging in daily work outs in the new outdoor gym!

December 2021

Wow, what a fantastic first term for Nova class! Pupils have taken full advantage of using the new outdoor equipment and other facilities, from keeping fit in the gym, to relaxing in the mini-MUGA hammock and exploring our new sensory integration rooms.

Pupils have not only adjusted to the environmental changes of the expansion, but embraced them, and staff could not be prouder.

With the introduction of a post-16 curriculum for most of our class, pupils have felt a real sense of having extra responsibility to complete jobs for themselves and others and have very much enjoyed working as ‘part of the team’!

For our learning topic, ‘Vintage’, pupils have developed their knowledge about memorable events and popular culture happening across the decades in Attention Autism sessions, as well as adding a vintage touch to some of their products they made for their virtual Christmas market and rustic coffee table.

Judo has also been a big highlight this term with opportunities for pupils to form new friendships, share spaces and engage in some very positive interaction with each other.

We hope you all have a safe and fun Christmas break.

January 2022

Nova pupils have returned with absolute determination and ambition for the new year! In a short space of time, they have each accomplished so much with establishing positive, confident and consistent routines and are visibly very proud and happy with their efforts.

For our learning topic, ‘9 to 5’, Nova have begun to explore the ‘world of work’ within the school setting. Their starting point has been carpentry and woodwork in which they have revisited skills learned last term to apply to making spice racks and shelving which will later be used to facilitate pupil’s learning around retail and café work.

As the term progresses, pupils will have opportunities to experience a range of different career ‘tasters’, from honing their horticulture and creative skills, to learning how to manage personal finances when shopping and collaborating with other businesses within school and external charities to gain important real-world experience.

Pupils have so far made fantastic progress in overcoming their personal boundaries and thresholds, with some of the class accessing the local community in Fratton with a focus on being physically active and developing their knowledge about road safety and the facilities available to them when walking.

Other members of the class have worked extremely hard in challenging themselves with transitioning to new areas of the building, including upstairs, and some have made big steps in working very positively with social stories so that they can achieve even more in school, such as riding a bike on the playground independently!

It’s been a brilliant start for Nova class and we are excited to get stuck in with ‘9 to 5’ with our ‘passion and vision’!