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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Kate Whitney

Welcome to Belfry class.  We are a group of 8 pupils within Key Stage 3 Phase.

Our class loves to get stuck in with a range of different activities based on our individual interests. We particularly enjoy relaxing to meditation and exercise routines as part of our readiness for learning, as well as problem solving with sorting games, constructing impressive Lego models and reading a variety of motivating materials such as books and photos. This helps us to learn to turn-take with one another and most importantly, take pride in showing our friends what we like doing and inviting them to be a part of it, too.

Our class goals for this school year are:

1) Develop positive relationships and respect our friend’s personal boundaries. We’re a new class so are very excited to get to know each other!

2) Engage in a purposeful curriculum that promotes our knowledge and understanding about a range of different subjects, expanding our opportunities to learn in different environments.

3) HAVE FUN! We have the absolute best sense of humour, smiles and banter!

We are most excited about expanding our horizons to engage in fun and meaningful community visits that will enrich our learning opportunities.

Our class theme song is ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen!

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Belfry Class