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Mary Rose Academy

High Quality Learning and Teaching

Mary Rose Academy is committed to providing an outstanding education for our pupils. Our staff work hard to create a learning environment where pupils enjoy their lessons, participate actively and achieve their best. Staff are also learners and continuously evaluate and improve their practice using our coaching model of “coaching 3’s”. Their learning is facilitated through the comprehensive school continuing professional development programme.



The Learning and Teaching process:

  • Encourages and enables pupils to express preferences, communicate needs, make choices, make decisions and choose options that other people act on and respect
  • Develops enjoyment of learning, using a creative approach, encouraging high levels of achievement and attainment
  • Encourages pupils to investigate and explore and to try new things
  • Enables pupils to interact and communicate with a wide range of people
  • Recognises and encourages individual talents; having the highest expectations of each pupil through personalised learning programmes
  • Increases pupils’ awareness and understanding of their environment and the world
  • Develops personal self-confidence and self-esteem based on a variety of successful experiences
  • Prepares pupils to play an active role as citizens; developing a healthy, safe lifestyle; developing good relationships and respecting differences between people
  • Prepares pupils for an adult life in which they have the greatest possible degree of autonomy