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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Hannah Goddard

Welcome to Galaxy Class one of our specialised classes based at The Lantern. 

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Galaxy Class is a new class within the Lantern Site and WOW what a response.

All pupils have shown staff how we are able to continue to learn and thrive in a new environment.

Galaxy Class have shown a love for the outside gym equipment where we are keeping fit and healthy.

We are an energetic bunch who love to explore our senses through different kinds of play and learning.

We all gather together as a group and engage with our Attention Autism intervention – the messier the better! A strong favourite is anything that involves shaving foam, particularly ‘wiggly worms’!

We look forward to experiencing different decades through our topic ‘Vintage’ – learning purposeful skills while having a taste for the past! 

December 2021

What a term for Galaxy Class!

Having settled into their new environment at The Lantern demonstrating how resilient they are, they have continued to learn and thrive in numerous ways.

Our topic ‘Vintage’ has provided the class with various opportunities to explore different decades right from the 1940s, through to the 1960s, 1980s, 2000s and present day.

A class favourite was exploring the 1960s where the focus was on Hippies and ‘flower power’. This provided us with lots of colourful styles to combine in our learning – we even made our own tie dye clothes by choosing our favourite colours and mixing them together!

Another favourite has been our group activities where we came together as a team and shared resources and space – a memorable session has been making trifle from the 1980s. All pupils sat around the table, listened to instructions, waited their turn and shared resources!

Well done Galaxy Class, what an awesome first term together at The Lantern.

Bring on what Spring Term has in store for us!’


 January 2022

Galaxy Class have come back after the Christmas Holidays and have picked up their routines right where they left them - awesome job guys! For the first few days we focused on the New Year and what this means for us. We are very much looking forward to going Climbing at Fort Purbrook this term. 

For the rest of the term we will focus on our topic ‘9 to 5’. Here, we will have the opportunity to explore different roles available for us to try and discover new life skills! We will get a taste for the world of work and this will not only provide us with life skills we can apply now, but prepare us with skills that can be applied throughout our school experience. We will focus on cleaners, cooks, gardeners, authors, sports trainers and animal care! 

For our stunning start, we have enjoyed a ‘spring clean’ of our environment - all pupils got stuck in with tasks from hoovering, cleaning windows, to wiping tables and washing up. Our environment is looking so clean and inviting - not sure how much longer this will last with all the fun activities we have lined up!