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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Sam Piggot

Welcome to Explorer class.  We are a group of 8 pupils within Post-16.

Our class enjoys spending time in activities like gardening, craft and performing arts which helps us to develop our self-expression, emotional wellbeing and independence.

Our Tutor Group aspirations for this school year are:

1) We are looking to hit the ground running with our new A Team business; meeting each new challenge set to us by the other Post-16 businesses.

2) We want to broaden the range of activities we enjoy – telling our staff what we want to do and not settling for less!

3) Show the world what exceptional performers and crafters we are as we get involved in all the rehearsals and prop and costume making for Dance Live!

We are looking forward to getting stuck in to our new businesses and having fun experiences of the working world.

Our Tutor Group theme song is the A Team theme tune.

Thank you for visiting our area of the website!