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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Melissa Blignaut

Welcome to Discovery Class one of the Secondary classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Discovery class have been spending time getting to know one another and some of our new friends who have moved up from Primary. 

We all enjoy creative arts, dancing and singing too.  Some of us love sensory play while others prefer to choose a book from our reading area.

On sunny days we spend time outside in our Pod area, counting, writing, or joining in with group activities.

December 2021

 Discovery have had a fantastic time during this topic Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

The pupils have enjoyed our weekly Forest school lesson, we have explored and discussed how the seasons change. We made links with our learning and spoke about what we can see, hear, touch and smell. We have discovered interesting Mini beasts living in our Forest school too. 

We have particularly enjoyed our weekly outing into the community, visiting the cinema and developing our PE skills at the Fort. 

Archery has been our favorite, pulling back the arrow to hit the target! Discovery class have some fantastic target shooters!

During our PSHE we have learnt all our emotions and feelings, What makes us happy, sad, tired, or upset. Identifying different emotions and practicing how we can regulate those emotions. 

Some of our favorite topics have included Ocean clean up- learning about our beautiful ocean and how we can look after it, ask us about Recycling!

Grease the Movie, we practiced and learnt about hygiene, washing our hands, face, teeth, and hair. We practiced sorting out clothes into different piles ready to be washed and dried. 

During the last week we have been practicing for our Christmas concert and creating Christmas cards for our family and friends. 

We are looking forward to 2022 and sharing our new learning with you!

Happy Holidays from Discovery.

January 2022

Happy New year from Discovery class! 

Our topic for this term is ‘Art Attack’ where we are exploring all things creative! We are very excited to share our hard work with you. We will be investigating different mediums of art from painting to sculpture and junk modelling. We will be using a range of tools to help us create our artwork, exploring street art in our local community and learning about some of the local artists such as ‘My Dog Sighs’.  

This term we will continue to visit our forest school, we make sure we are wearing our wellies and raincoats. This week we have been working together, maintaining our forest school for everyone who visits including the small creatures who live there. We have been sweeping, raking and making sure our fort is in good condition, we absolutely love learning outside in nature, using all our senses to discuss what we can see, touch, smell and hear we always have a fantastic time outdoors. 

As part of our stunning start we have become creative artists, using different resources to design and create our own art work which we will display in our ‘Art Gallery’. This gives us a great opportunity to apply our skills and knowledge that we have been working so hard on, such as working with money, reading and writing, using more descriptive words to broaden our sentences.