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Mary Rose Academy

Creative Arts at Mary Rose

A vibrant range of topics, subjects and experiences for all groups of pupils promotes their strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  

OFSTED October 2013 

From the moment you enter our school, it is clear that the arts are something that excites us and is celebrated throughout. We gained Arts Mark Gold in the spring term of 2014 and we have embedded the arts in all areas of the curriculum. We have specialist in music, dance and art, and we employ 'Artists in residence' to work on particular projects and develop staff skills.

The arts come together in whole school activities such as focused Arts Weeks where all lessons have a creative purpose. 'Rock Challenge' gives the older students an opportunity to perform alongside their mainstream peers in the community. They are really excited and motivated by this. The arts are also used to enrich student's extra-curricular activities with clubs in music, film, art, singing, ukulele and keyboard.

The arts provision at Mary Rose Academy enables all pupils to develop capacity for self-expression. The arts curriculum offers wonderful opportunities for pupils to respond to the world around them through visual, tactile and sensory experiences.


Our Aims

  • Enable pupils to express preferences, communicate needs and be supported in making their own choices and decisions towards using mediums within their own work.
  • Develops creativity and imagination through a range of activities.
  • Offers pupils the opportunity to develop their fine and gross motor skills
  • Increases pupil’s awareness and understanding of their environment and the world through exposure to the arts in different times and cultures.
  • Encourages pupils to become artists in their own right whilst developing self confidence and self- esteem.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what we achieve and see for yourself….


Music at Mary Rose

Music lessons are a really important part of the curriculum at Mary Rose Academy. Individual lessons are created for each class which are broadly linked to the topics that they are studying; for example classes might experience music of different cultures and explore listening to and playing different instruments linked to particular styles of music to create different soundscapes with a range or tuned and un-tuned instruments.

At Mary Rose we are very fortunate to have a dedicated, well equipped Music room. This is full of exciting instruments and music technology such as I pads and electronic keyboards. All pupils have the opportunity to experience the three important elements of a full Music Curriculum namely, Performing (playing and singing, Listening and Appraising (talking about music) and composing (making up our own music. All pupils’ music learning is linked directly to targets in their individual EHCP. It is very important to us in our music lessons that we are able to develop our co-operative and group working skills and we love to play as a band whenever we can.

What does reading look like in music?