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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Jaimie McBroom

Welcome to Comet Class one of our specialised classes based at The Lantern. 

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Comet class is part of the Lantern site which offers pupils individual learning spaces.

They are encouraged to develop independence and life skills. The pupils love to cook and their favourite meal to make is fajitas!

Comet class regularly get out and about in the community and have been working hard on building relationships with each other and working as a team.


 December 2021

Comet have had a fantastic term!

They have all worked extremely hard, particularly on their life skills.

The pupils have continued to develop their cleaning skills, leaving Comet corridor looking nice and tidy.

They have been learning how to make the bed. The class can change pillow cases, sheets and have even had a go at changing the duvet cover. We would love to know if they can make their beds at home!

What a great start to the year.


January 2022

A big welcome back to Comet class.

For the first week of term we celebrated New Year with fire work themed activities which involved lots of splattered paint. We will be continuing our trips to the Fort and look forward to trying a range of sessions to test our skills and abilities. This terms topic ‘9 to 5’ covers on a range of careers and roles. We will focus on cleaners, cooks, gardeners, authors, sports people and looking after animals.

To start of the topic we have enjoyed some topic themed attention ‘bucket’ sessions, which the whole class were able to join. We have also been implementing our cleaning skills, giving the classes a good tidy and have started making desk tidies and baskets to get organised. All the pupils have had a great time getting stuck in with cooking, especially when making flapjacks for snack and our very own bread.

What a great start to the term!

We are looking forward to all the fun and exciting activities coming up in our new topic.