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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Kelly Lane

Welcome to Challengers Class one of the Post-16 classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Challengers are the new year 12 class that have joined sixth form at the Craneswater site.

The class has students that have previously attended Mary Rose Academy and Redwood Park.

All students have settled well into Post-16 and have enjoyed ice breaker games, accessing the local community and socialising with the other Post-16 classes.

We have established that we all have a great sense of humour and have already created an impressive class playlist.

December 2021

Challengers are the new year 12 class that have joined sixth form this term.

They have become accustom to their new routines and post 16 curriculum, including Business Enterprise and Independent Living skills.

As part of their accreditation, Challengers have been completing a unit on ‘Making the Most of Leisure Time’. This has seen the class take part in a wide range of activities that have included target shooting, blindfolded string trials, biking, cinema and donutting experiences. Throughout the activities the students have kept a diary where they have stated which activities they have found relaxing/challenging.

The students have also contributed to their accreditation unit by completing weekly ‘Challenger Challenges’ homework. This has proved to be a great success and has welcomed some friendly competition amongst the students.

January 2022

Challengers have started the new year as they mean to go on! They have been perfecting their personal hygiene routines and completing them with increasing independence, helping them to feel good about themselves each day.

Challengers have a busy term ahead as they embark on their new accreditation unit, ‘Safety in the Home and Community’. The students will be working collaboratively as they explore a wide range of scenarios and identify ways to overcome them. They will be reciting and recalling the key information needed if they need to call the emergency services and they will also be learning how to use different household appliances. Keep an eye out for some household activities in ‘Challengers Weekend Challenges’ as you gain an extra pair of hands to help with the house work around your home!

In February the students will take part in the highly anticipated Dance Live performance which they have been working tirelessly to perfect - be sure not to miss out on the performance of the year! Some students have worked incredibly hard on their dance routines and others have been busy creating magnificent props to use in the performance. Business enterprise groups will resume mid-February with a focus on Mother’s Day and Easter, allowing the students to recall their learnt skills and acquire new skills as they put forward ideas that they would like to create.