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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Beth Morrison

Welcome to Adventure Class one of the Secondary classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news is accessible by  clicking on the month bars below.

September 2021

Welcome to Adventure Class!

We are a very lively, chatty and helpful bunch of pupils who love to tell jokes and sing karaoke. We are a typical bunch of teenagers and you can often find us watching 'try not to laugh videos' together!

We are working very hard on our independence this year and are learning valuable life skills such as how to cross a road, make our own snacks and how to wash up.

In the classroom, we like to complete puzzles and play turn taking games with our friends.

We are all very excited about starting Options this year and beginning our journey into the World of Work.

We have discovered that Jake and Finlay are quite the chefs and chose to have ham and jam in their sandwiches that we made in food studies!

Benny and Jevonne fancied themselves a goal keeper and saved the goals at our Life Management meet and greet.

Maddison and Rosie both enjoyed our playdough tea party where we were practicing cutting our food. Zachy and Naasif have lots of energy to burn and enjoy being outside on the bike or the trampoline. 

December 2021

Up here in upper secondary, our topic has been ‘STEAMing through all things: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths’.

As part of our topic we have explored famous scientists, experimented with different art techniques and become engineers building things like bridges out of marshmallows and spaghetti. 

In Adventure Class, one of our favourite activities was the skittle experiment in science. We each followed instructions to place the skittles around a plate, add water and watch. We were amazed by the bright colours that were created and it looked like a rainbow. 

We have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to expand our skills to the real world. We have been out in the community to parks and cafes where we practiced counting the correct money and asking unfamiliar people questions to help us.

We have also continued to work on our life skills in school. We have learnt how to make ourselves simple meals and snacks and how to make a drink - We especially liked drinking hot chocolate on a cold day.

We can`t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us! 

January 2022

A big welcome back from Adventure Class!

After a well-deserved break – we are back, energised and ready to learn.

We were very excited to learn during our stunning start that our new topic this term is ‘Myths and Legends’. We ignited our imaginations researching into a broad range of Mythical Beasts and have begun creating our very own creatures to put in our display cabinet. Harry said he has seen a Yeti before where as Rosie claimed she has met a Mermaid. Zachy thought the Minotaur looked very strong but Benny and Maddi preferred the look of the Unicorn as it was ‘cute’.

Alongside our topic, we have been very much focused on our independence. We have continued to develop our important life skills such as following instructions, making ourselves a drink and snack plus cleaning up after ourselves. Jevonne said she could start washing up at home and Finlay says he already does. Jake enjoyed following picture instructions independently to build a lego dog and Harrison liked creating a menu to cook in his very own restaurant.

If that`s not enough – there is an extra electrifying buzz up here in Key Stage 4. We have officially started intensive rehearsals for ‘Dance Live’! Dance Live has given us the opportunity to work with a range of staff members across the Secondary and Post 16 Departments. Our theme this year is ‘The Invictus Games’ and have been investigating what that means. We have seen some medals from war, taken part in different sports and then had a go at recreating these through dance. We cannot wait to present our dance on the Guildhall stage!