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Mary Rose Academy


Class Teacher: Beth Morrison

Welcome to Adventure Class one of the Secondary classes here at Mary Rose Academy.

Information relating to the children's learning and class news will be populated shortly. 

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Adventure Class!

We are a very lively, chatty and helpful bunch of pupils who love to tell jokes and sing karaoke. We are a typical bunch of teenagers and you can often find us watching 'try not to laugh videos' together!

We are working very hard on our independence this year and are learning valuable life skills such as how to cross a road, make our own snacks and how to wash up.

In the classroom, we like to complete puzzles and play turn taking games with our friends.

We are all very excited about starting Options this year and beginning our journey into the World of Work.

We have discovered that Jake and Finlay are quite the chefs and chose to have ham and jam in their sandwiches that we made in food studies!

Benny and Jevonne fancied themselves a goal keeper and saved the goals at our Life Management meet and greet.

Maddison and Rosie both enjoyed our playdough tea party where we were practicing cutting our food. Zachy and Naasif have lots of energy to burn and enjoy being outside on the bike or the trampoline.